Guaranteed Sold or I'll Buy It

One of the most important decisions that you will make in your life is when you decide to sell one home and buy a new one.  Although there is inherent stress in moving, one thing that causes additional frustration is figuring out how to sell one house and buy the next one with putting you family in a situation of owning two homes or none because of unanticipated circumstances.

This is why we provide innovative services like the Guaranteed Sold or I'll Buy It program.  When it comes to choosing the right agent to represent your interest, knowing you are with a great knowledgeable agent is paramount!

Our Guaranteed Sold or I'll Buy It program is not for every seller or home.  For those sellers and homes that we feel could benefit from the Guaranteed Sold or I'll Buy It, it's a 90 day guaranteed solution.  This program gives the seller the confidence to know that their home is sold no matter what the market might throw at them. 

Sellers have used this program in the past to alleviate stress, remove the unknown, negotiate contracts with builders, or remove contingencies from purchase contracts.
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Team Harris Real Estate
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